Block floors are easy to maintain.

They will retain their longevity for years to come if kept as clean as possible.

By following a few simple guidelines and taking some general precautions, you can easily keep your Block floors looking great all the time.

A good rule of thumb is to try and clean and mop your Block floors at least once a week, with more serious care and maintenance scheduled once a month.


To maximise the beauty of your Block floors, we highly recommend using WOCA products.

The WOCA complete maintenance kit for both our oiled and lacquered floors can be purchased directly from us.

Please contact us for availability and pricing.

General Care Instructions

  • Before you start cleaning your Block floors, try and safely remove any furniture from the room if you can. This will make cleaning much easier. Then vacuum the floor evenly to remove any dirt, dust and grime or use an electrostatic broom.
  • Prepare your cleaning solution using warm water, dishwashing liquid or vinegar. Or, use one of our recommended Woca products for both lacquered and oiled floors.
  • Using a quality lint free floor mop, dip the bottom quarter of your mop into the water. Wring out excess water so your floor doesn’t get too wet. For best results, start in the furthest corner from your door so you don’t walk over where you’ve cleaned.
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